dimanche 22 janvier 2006

Quelques vues du Parc du Centenaire


Anonymous Anonyme said...

what a beautiful place !!! But you should not show so beautiful views of our "Rouet", there will be too many people looking for appartments to rent or to buy and consequently (!!) to many dogs will "caguer" in our streets... Nevertheless, your pictures are beautiful, congratulations
J.T. (a multi-lingual inhabitant of the Rouet)
N.B : I will not attend the little party at the Bar Populaire

2:54 AM  
Blogger Le Rouet said...

thanks for your comment on my pictures and let me tell you that i have bought the CHEAPEST camera i could find... who knows what i could have done with a professional camera!
what? your are not coming at the popular pub? i'll see you some other time then
ah the dogs! you don't tell me! last time one of them must have had the cagarelle in the chemin du rouet, really it was a wonderful sight (not to speak of the smell)!

4:12 AM  

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